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Border crossing by Bus

At 3:20 a.m. (Yes, A-freaking-M) the shuttle driver banged on the door of hostel Holistico. We are off to Copan Ruins, Honduras! The Hedman Alas shuttle (which was really comfy compared to the usual shuttles here in Antigua) took our new friends, Evelyn and Trent, and Rhiannon and me to Guatemala City. That’s when the … Continue reading

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My map with squiggly lines is not proof of onward travel

It seems that there is this pesky thing that airlines require before they will take you to another country.  It’s called “proof of onward travel.”  And I ain’t got it. My beautiful map with my itinerary doesn’t count. The fact that people are trying to leave Guatemala, El Salvador or Nicaragua to go to where … Continue reading