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Midlife crisis? Not necessarily! / Nicaragua / Traveling

Hitchhiking in Nicaragua (where ya wanna go?)

Our plan to rent scooters and tour around San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua was thwarted by the ridiculously high cost of $40 per scooter. Plan B was to rent a truck and drive around. This, too, was exorbitant after factoring in insurance, taxes, etc. So….we went with plan C – walking. After walking about a … Continue reading

Midlife crisis? Not necessarily! / Nicaragua / Traveling

Estelli to leon (successfully navigating public buses in Nicaragua!)

This day was our first attemp at riding public busses (aka chicken busses) on our own. Leon, Nicaragua is about 2 1/2 hrs from Estelli. A direct shuttle costs about $20. We got there for $3.25. Woohoo! First, we took a taxi from Sonati hostel to Estacion Sur (South bus station) for C$20. Continue reading