Mommy-daughter trip: Day 1 – Stranded in Miami
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Mommy-daughter trip: Day 1 – Stranded in Miami

Avery’s school lets out in February for a midwinter break, which is the perfect time to head South! A good friend and her eleven year old daughter, Avery’s best friend, were also free that week; so, together, we jetted off to Antigua for an eight day adventure in Guatemala. Well, mostly together…. Our adventure began … Continue reading

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Border crossing by Bus

At 3:20 a.m. (Yes, A-freaking-M) the shuttle driver banged on the door of hostel Holistico. We are off to Copan Ruins, Honduras! The Hedman Alas shuttle (which was really comfy compared to the usual shuttles here in Antigua) took our new friends, Evelyn and Trent, and Rhiannon and me to Guatemala City. That’s when the … Continue reading

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Where I lay me down to sleep?

As I began to tell people about my upcoming two month trip through Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador And Nicaragua) most people ask me one of three questions: 1) Where are you staying; 2) Aren’t you scared and 3) Do you have a will? The last two are easy to answer: Yes and yes! It’s … Continue reading

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Seeing things in a whole new light

It’s been snowing, or raining, or windy, dark and dreary here forEVER! It makes my burning desire to travel through warm, sunny Central America this Summer even stronger.  I’m pretty uncertain about traveling alone given I have no Spanish speaking skills beyond counting to ten, asking directions to the bathroom and buying beer. But, I’m … Continue reading