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No. No. NO! Some things are better left uneaten

This month, Australia is featured as the AlphaBites Appetite country. To plan our dinner  we are scouring the web for recipes reflecting the typical grub eaten in Australia. By grub, we meant food. Little did we know, a grub is actually a common delicacy among the Australian aboriginals! Yep, you got it. A grub. A Witchetty grub, to be precise.


The Witchetty grub.  Photo credit to Alyse Smith.

The larvae of a cossid moth, the Witchetty grub lives in the root of the Witchetty bush in the Australian Outback. The grub can be barbecued over a fire or eaten raw. CNN Travel refers to the Witchetty grub as a “time-honored, nutritious snack.” One adventurous traveler, Alyse Smith, summed up her dining experience like this:

To eat them raw, you hold them up, dangling them from the head into your mouth. You bite all but the head off, tossing it away. Then you chew and chew until all that is left in your mouth is the rubbery skin, which you also throw away.

When I was in the Outback, I had the pleasure of trying one. A couple of my companions tried them too, and we all agreed that they taste like oddly textured scrambled eggs.

Their skin is cold to the touch and when they are cut, red and yellow guts spill from their sides.

I can’t.  I just can’t even. Luckily, the Witchetty grub is not the only option for us to experience some authentic bush tucker. There’s a spicy little berry found in the Australian Outback called the riberry.


The Riberry, otherwise known as the Lilly Pilly (Photo credit: Talking

Hopefully we can get hold of some of those to make wattleseed pancakes with riberry confit. Or maybe a Lilly Pilly smoothie!

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