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After finding no suitable way (other than local bus) to get from Copan Ruins, Honduras to Santa Ana, El Salvador, Rhiannon and I found ourselves back in Antigua…again! We ended up staying three more nights. I took another Spanish language class with Gustavo. If you are looking for a fantastic, patient (fairly fluent in English) teacher find Gustavo or, better yet call him at 5100-6012 or email him at


We started our lesson at McDonald’s (which is way nicer than most in the U.S. with park-like dining areas!). I chuckled at the McChicken, here called the McPollo.


Since I had decided to extend the lesson into a homestay with Gustavo and his lovely wife Paty, we moved the lesson to the streets. Gustavo and I went to the market to buy food for dinner. I got a firsthand education on how to shop in a local market in Guatemala!



I also stopped at the wine store and bought a bottle of U.S. made Chardonnay. After dinner Paty and I shared the wine and a fabulous two hour conversation (totally in Espanol! Yeah me!) about life, kids, etc. on their awesome second story terrace.




Pati is a messeuse and treated me to a much needed half hour massage just before we called it a night. Ahhhh, life is good! A great massage and a full size bed in a room all to myself. 🙂



In the morning, I bid farewell to Paty and Gustavo drove me back into Antigua to meet up with Rhiannon.



Rhiannon had opted to spend the night in Antigua at Holistico, and Trent (a young traveller we “adopted” along the way) was also there. As soon as I arrived, Trent sought me out in need of a bandaid. I was so excited to be able to give him one! My daughter, Avery, who is Red Cross certified had carefully put together a small first aid kit for my backpack. Thanks Avery! You saved Trent’s leg!


Once again, it was time to climb into a shuttle.


Next stop….la playa! (the beach!) at El Tunco. We arrived just in time to catch a gorgeous sunset.


Time to work on our tans!

Audrey – a wanderer with the best bandaids in town!

One thought on “Antigua..again!

  1. Audrey this looks great. I am sure to relax beach side for a day or two will be nice. Sounds like your Spanish is getting much better.


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