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I think I’m going to puke…on my itinerary

And it isn’t from that six-pack of courage I drank last night. In less than 72 hours I will have landed in Guatemala City, with only an enormous purple backpack and an English-Spanish dictionary to keep me sane for the next ten weeks.  I have definitely come down with a bad case of Oh.My.God.What.The.Hell.Am.I.Thinking? For the past 48 hours I have rotated through bouts of nausea, sleepless nights, heart palpitations, shortness of breath and fits of bizarre prioritizing – like spending three hours refrigerator shopping instead of, say, revising my will. The other day my sister came over and asked if I was nervous about things like, oh, being kidnapped and sold into the sex slave trade.  I shrugged and said, “Nah, they don’t want me, I’m too old.”  “I don’t think so,” she said, “they have a MILF section…”   Thanks, Em. Thanks.

But I did get some good news yesterday!  My son Drew is going to be able to join me, after all!  He is flying into Mexico City in mid-July and I am going to hop a plane from San Jose, Costa Rica to Mexico City.  Then, he and I and his friend Conner are going overland through Mexico, into northern Guatemala, over to Belize and then up to Cancun to fly home in early August.

This is the tentative itinerary for the first leg of the adventure: Guatemala City, Guatemala to San Jose, Costa Rica (via El Salvador and Nicaragua and a touch of the Honduras):

Guatemala City to San Jose

Rhi is flying home once we reach San Jose and I will fly up to Mexico City to meet Drew.  This is the tentative route we will take to Cancun:

Mexico City to Cancun

The plan is to do this all in 10-12 weeks.  I only have a one way ticket to Guatemala City, so everything is subject to change.  But I promise to come back!


Audrey – a crazy fool about to go on a long walkabout



One thought on “I think I’m going to puke…on my itinerary

  1. If you weren’t crazy we would have never made it together as friends this long,lol! So for the record glad you are, plus you have soooooo graduated to “KraZZy” for sure! Yes, that is with two (2) Z’s and capped!


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