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Where I lay me down to sleep?

As I began to tell people about my upcoming two month trip through Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador And Nicaragua) most people ask me one of three questions: 1) Where are you staying; 2) Aren’t you scared and 3) Do you have a will? The last two are easy to answer: Yes and yes! It’s the first one that’s harder. Where am I staying? Frankly, I don’t know. The way I see it (which may not be “normal,” I admit) is … Why muddy the trip with minor details like destination and lodging? It may seem kind of crazy not to have a planned itinerary, but there’s so much to see and so much to do that I just can’t decide what I want until I get there and can decide in person, rather than virally. Plus, I really prefer not be tied down to having to be in someplace at some particular time or day. I mean, if “A” is awesome, why run to “B” before really exploring “A”? Likewise, if “A” sucks….well then, Adios! (Look at that! I am already using my Spanish speaking skills! ;))

That be said, I’m not going about this completely willy-nilly.

I have had some experience with Couchsurfing over the past few years and plan to utilize that network to the best of my abilities. I also plan to stay in hostels (no they’re not just for the young! They are for the young at heart!). I’m also planning to spend at least one week, maybe two, in a language immersion class in Antigua or Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Part of the experience is that you can stay with a host family for the week. You have a private room, in a private, non-English speaking family’s home. Doing so forces you to use the lessons that you’re learning during the day. And, of course, I will likely hit the occasional hotel. There are pros and cons to all four options.

To be continued…the past re-lived. (I have some crazy stories from Couchsurfing, hostel stays, and hotels!)

Audrey – the Couchsurfing host with the best muffins, but the worst alarm clock.


8 thoughts on “Where I lay me down to sleep?

  1. Can’t wait! So excited and so proud of you. You have always been my greatest mentor and inspiration, no matter how long it might take, you always keep going for your hearts desires! I love you and so thankful for all the lessons you have not only taught me but experienced with me. I might not be with you in person but your writing always makes me feel like I am :)……let the adventure begin and watch out for JUAN’s,lol!!!!

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