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One week and counting! Packed for Central America.

In exactly one week from now I will have landed in Guatemala City! I am so fortunate to have convinced my dear friend “C” to join me for the first ten days of the adventure! We are flying separately, but our flights arrive a mere 20 minutes apart so I think that, barring any kind of airline craziness, we should be there at the same time. After “C” leaves, my friend Rhiannon at peanutbutterbound.com is joining me for a few weeks or more! I am no longer going alone. Hooray!

The real question is whether my bag will qualify as Spirit airline carry on…

Trying to pack two months worth of stuff in a bag that I can self tote was a challenge, but I managed to do it. Here is everything I think I will need (and probably, too much!) for two months in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua:


My Central America packing list (from top left to right):

  1. Black long sleeve shirt
  2. ascend polyester longsleeve lightweight sweatshirt with a hood
  3. Tan water resistant lightweight jacket
  4. Self inflatable sleeping pad which also doubles as a comfy sitting spot while waiting for a chicken bus, etc.
  5. Dress (multicolored) that could also be a long skirt (for nights out)
  6. Bag of toiletries. I will spare you the details, but basically it’s a minimal supply of makeup (mascara and lip gloss), moisturizer, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, etc.)
  7. DSLR camera (on which I will be using black electric tape to cover the Canon logos in order to attempt to deter criminals from coveting it)
  8. Three short sleeve wicking Columbia shirts which are easy to wash and will dry overnight and one light weight sleeping t-shirt that can also pass for day use
  9. One pair lounge/sleep pants
  10. Two pair of Columbia hiking pants that zip off into shorts or could be rolled up into capris
  11. One bathing suit tankini which could also double as a tank top above the multi colored skirt or sarong
  12. Sunglasses, a power outlet multiplier (makes 1 outlet into 4), and earbuds
  13. Three tank tops and three pair of non-cotton socks (Thorlos and RedHead) (They will dry overnight, unlike cotton)
  14. A yellow poncho and (then two over is a blue poncho also which I’m bringing extra for “C”)
  15. Multicolored sarong (which can be used as a towel, a skirt, a shoulder covering, a lightweight blanket, a beach blanket, etc.)
  16. Red lightweight blanket for cold buses or nasty hostels
  17. Miscellaneous things (details below)
  18. Ear plugs, first aid kit (with Band-Aids, alcohol pads, moleskin, prescription painkillers, antibiotics, Imodium (beware the water!), and a black stretchy clothing line for hanging clothes to dry overnight in the hostel or hotel)
  19. Black sandals for nights out or dressing up and flip-flops for the shower, the beach, etc. I’m also bringing a pair of Keen hiking sandals (not pictured) which will be my primary footwear
  20. (Not pictured) A pair of jeans (in the wash!) and bra and undies (none of your business ;)) and an iPad mini.

Miscellaneous stuff:


  1. Maxi DEET insect repellent by Sawyer
  2. Tissues (I hear that toilet paper is scarce in Central America!)
  3. Pack soap for washing clothes in the hostel or hotel
  4. Neutrogena sunscreen
  5. Lonely planet Spanish phrasebook and dictionary
  6. Lighter, contact rewetting drops, hand sanitizer and baby wipes
  7. A deck of cards, a pocketknife, a luggage lock, chlorine dioxide water treatment drops, and a can of pepper spray
  8. (Not pictured) Duct tape wrapped around a Sharpie pen

That is it! So, basically what this means is that every picture of me is going to look like I never change clothes! Lol! But…it all fit into here:


Oh, inside the pinkish backpack is a day pack which is also the camera case and holds a camelback hydration pouch (perfect for day excursions and carrying my own treated water). I also used eBags to separate my items and, hopefully, minimize luggage chaos!

(Side note: I am not sponsored by any brand I reference here (or any brand at all, for that matter! Lol). I picked these things after extensive research into packing for Central America. I just used names to let you know how to find the things should you be interested in looking into them for yourself.).

Do you think I am missing anything? Or have too much? Do tell!

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