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Writing off the past for a better (more legible?) future

I’ve often heard that you should write your own story.  Make your life the way you want.  I completely agree!  But what if you simply suck at writing? Or at least…cursive.  In this day and age, it really doesn’t matter…or does it.  A friend of mine with whom I attended elementary school – where we learned to write together – introduced me to a whole new reason for abandoning the keyboard and picking up that cursed <ahem>…cursive… writing again. My friend clearly did well in writing class. Today, she is the published author of The Pro-Child Way: Parenting with an Ex.. This is Ellen’s Facebook post:


Post: Over the past year I’ve been working with a hand writing coach. For me, learning to change the way I make my “T”, “f” and other letters seemed like a no-brainer. What did I have to lose other than a bunch of unhealthy ‘tudes. Perhaps this will strike you too!


I was sufficiently intrigued to click the Handwriters for Peace link she provided. My own handwriting is awful, but I will argue that it’s really not my fault…well, mostly not all mine. I moved to a new school in third grade and didn’t know anyone. (Ah! I shall blame the parents!) On the first day of school, in English class, the teacher asked everyone who knew how to write to raise their hand. Of course, I knew how to write! Who didn’t by third grade!? (I rapidly questioned my parent’s wisdom in moving to this “great” school district when only a few people raised their hand). The teacher divided us into groups, those who could and those who could not. My self-esteem went up a few notches as I arrogantly turned my back on the pencil-challenged losers and took my place with the writing royalty. The teacher passed out workbooks and told our small, but elite, group to start on page 5.


I flipped to that page, eager to please and just as eager to show off my writing skills to my new peers. To my horror, the page was filled with jibberish! A series of connected scribbles that I was supposed to repeat, over and over again. blessed-day-upper

I glanced around, certain that my companion geniuses would be just as perplexed. But, no! They were each writing in their book, tongues peeking through pierced lips, intently succeeding in the challenge before them. I looked up to see the teacher explaining to the segregated peanut gallery that they should practice writing each letter whenever possible, instead of … printing.  Oh? There’s a difference between printing and writing?


Right then and there I should have said something. I am certain my handwriting today would be lady-like and dainty, full of flowers and doilies, had I done so. But, I was too embarrassed to admit that I, member of the the newly formed royal writers club, in fact, had no idea how to writ.  So, I would watch with one eye from my lonely royal throne as the teacher explained the intricate details of each cursive letter to the peons. The other eye was on my advanced skills workbook trying to write sentences using the squiggles that I was just learning how to make and wishing upon wish that I could be a peon.


Needless to say, my handwriting is atrocious! I was sufficiently curious to know if perhaps the link Ellen provided would finally give me some tips. But that’s not what it was at all. It was far more interesting – a whole new way of writing letters through a course called Transforming Your Life Through Handwriting. You choose a letter from the alphabet at that reflects a quality you want to change in your life. Each letter represents a different “intentional power.” The theory is that as you focus on writing the letter in a way that is different than normal, you are forced to think about the letter, think about what it represents and take action on the life changes that you seek to make. The more you write, the more you think, the more change is effectuated.


I read through all the meanings of each letter and decided that except for three or four, I wanted the power of each letter! Seeing as my current writing style is a mess, I figure I have nothing to lose. Maybe this free course will, if nothing else, improve my handwriting! I have to go reread that list now and see if one of the letters covers “fessing-up-when-you-find-yourself-in-over-your-head-because-you were-to-embarrassed-to-admit-you-did-not-really-know-how-to-______.”

Audrey – a single mom attorney who should have gone to med school instead because her handwriting stinks.

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